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Pilates Classes

Stretch, Tone, Define

Pilates has evolved into one of the most recognised forms of exercise today for improving posture and providing great tone, definition and inch loss. It also helps you move more freely in your body, optimising muscular and skeletal function. Pilates expands body awareness, helping develop your concentration while relaxing and de-stressing your mind and body.

Courses are run in 6 week blocks and there are no more than 12 people per class.

Class prices are £12/hr - £15/hr dependent on the class. 10% discount for for early bookings.

Drop in rate is also available from £15/hr - £17/hr subject to availability.

Small group classes 6-8 people and specialist classes Pregnancy Pilates cost £15/hr to £17/hr.

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How Pilates Originated

The Pilates methodology was developed by Joseph Pilates during the First World War when he was an intern held captive in the UK. The exercise method is essentially designed to elongate, strengthen and create balance within the body.

Pilates developed his ideas by helping other internees on the road to recovery from serious injuries. This proved especially effective during the outbreak of influenza that struck the UK in 1918 when not one of Joseph Pilates’ trainees died.

What is known today as the reformer machine (found in many Pilates studios) was developed from Joseph attaching springs to beds to create resistance to help strengthen his patients.

Soon after the war, Joseph Pilates Emigrated to America where he met his wife Clara and they set up his fitness studio, sharing it with the New York City Ballet. Hence, Pilates started being taught to dancers and elite athletes. The method spread rapidly, with slight variations to the core principles and exercises taught worldwide.

Body Control Pilates is built on Joseph Pilates’ eight principles and breaks the movements down, building the best possible foundation so that everyone can progress effectively and safely.

The Benefits

Pilates strengthens the inner core muscles so that the outer muscles can work more effectively, thus preventing overuse and potential injuries. By realigning the body with better posture, you strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles. Strong core muscles, and improved movement and posture, help reduce lower back pain and shoulder problems, among many other complaints.

Pilates is different from yoga because it focuses on working from a strong centre maintaining core stability. ‘The ‘core’ consists of many different muscles that stabilise the abdomen, spine and pelvis and provide a solid foundation for movement.’] In Pilates we use thoracic breathing into the lower ribs and back in order to maintain core stability. This type of breathing also helps to oxygenate the body and massage internal organs.

You will develop an increased awareness of your body and posture. In Pilates we use co-ordinated movements whilst maintaining correct alignment and progressing to more advanced exercises. Stamina and flowing movement is worked towards to achieve increased fitness and well-being.

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