Advanced Pilates / Intermediate Pilates

Advanced Pilates / Intermediate Pilates is based on classical mat 34 exercises that Joseph Pilates created. The class is dynamic and flowing and we also do functional training in this class as well with squat variations and lunges to tone and strengthen your legs and improve balance.

This is a fun class that is challenging and energising. It is necessary to have done a term of Pilates either beginner/improver Pilates or Mixed Ability Pilates before attending this class.

“I have been coming to Rosa’s classes for over a year and now hardly ever have problems with my back. The classes are really well run, Rosa makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly to ensure you get the most out of the class. Classes are also varied every week, so no getting bored doing the same thing over and over.”

Jo Garner

If you have any back injury or any other injury, it is best to attend one Mixed ability or Pilates for back pain relief. The 34 exercises for classical mat are below adapted Body Control Pilates Method. We adapt and have variations of these exercises in class to keep things varied but always have the format of a classical mat class as this is very motivational and also demonstrates the stamina and strength elements that come into their own when we do this sequence with a flowing pace.

  1. The Hundred
  2. The Roll Up
  3. The Roll Over
  4. Single Leg Circles (both ways)
  5. Roll Like a Ball
  6. Single Leg Stretch
  7. Double Leg Stretch
  8. Single Straight Leg Lowers
  9. Double Leg Raises
  10. Criss Cross
  11. Spine Stretch Forward
  12. Open Leg Rocker
  13. Cockscrew
  14. The Saw
  15. Swan Dive
  16. Single Leg Kick
  17. Double Leg Kick
  18. Neck Pull
  19. Shoulder Stand – Scissors
  20. Shoulder Stand – Bicycle
  21. Shoulder Bridge
  22. Spine Twist
  23. Jacknife
  24. Side Kick Series
  25. Teaser1/2/3
  26. Hip Circles
  27. Swimming
  28. Leg Pull Front
  29. Leg Pull Back
  30. Kneeling Side Kicks
  31. Side Twist
  32. Boomerang
  33. Seal
  34. Rocking To Finish Control and Balance and Push ups.

“I cannot recommend pilates with Rosa highly enough. Rosa is a very encouraging, inspiring and gentle teacher. Whilst I started pilates a year ago to help with my back problems, I find it has become part of my everyday life with other great benefits of inch loss, improved tone and posture. It is also a great way to unwind after a stressful day. Thank you so much, Rosa.”

Sarah, Battersea