Pilates Classes & Courses Pricing

Pilates courses run in sync with school term times (half-term and school holidays no classes run). There is a 10% discount when booking as a group of friends of 3 or more. This is not included with any other discount offer. Book online using the link to enrolments on courses.

Hall-based Pilates Classes

Drop-in Hall class – £17/hr
Full Course – £15/hr

No more than 10 per class.

Zoom Pilates classes

Drop-in for zoom class – £12/hr
Full Course – £10/hr

No more than 15 per class. 

1 x 1 Introductions & Private Sessions

Want to have a private session with Rosa before starting a course? This is the place to book. We also offer private tuition at clients homes.

Pricing for private sessions at home or in the work place
1:1 /2:1 one session £65
Block of five sessions 1:1 or 2:1 sessions £325 (£65/hr)
Block of ten sessions 1:1/2:1 sessions £600 (£60/hr)
Block of 5 sessions for small group 3 or more £350  (£70/hr)
5 corporate sessions cost (85/hr) = £425