Client Testimonials

“I have been to many Pilates classes over the past 5 yrs, Rosa’s classes are the best! as a Chiropractor I know how easy it is to cause injury due to incorrect technique. Rosa’s knowledge is exceptional, she is very experienced and I feel very comfortable recommending her to all patients”

Dr Emma Burniston

“Cat is a fantastic teacher. I’ve been attending her classes for nearly five years and find her enthusiasm infectious. She keeps classes interesting each week by introducing new exercises and helping us improve familiar ones.”

Rob Evans

“We have one of Rosa’s trainers come to our house to do a personalised Pilates session once a week. Jana is fantastic. She is incredibly knowledgeable and attentive and each session is different and customised to us.
We always feel so much better afterwards!”

Alana Perrin

“Rosa is a gifted and experienced personal trainer and I greatly enjoy training with her. She makes each session fun; she motivates me and knows how to get the most out of me.
Importantly, Rosa produces results!”

Barbara Meynert

“I am now on my third course of Pilates with Rosa. I find it a wonderful way to stay agile and develop my fitness further. Rosa is an excellent and inspiringly positive teacher who knows her Pilates thoroughly well and can also communicate the moves very clearly, which is so important; and I am helped by the imaginative images she uses to aid us in performing the moves accurately and safely. Each class has a lovely flow of moves and time passes swiftly.
I would heartily recommend her courses to anyone.”

Clair Szuts

“As an Osteopath working in a busy practice I fully appreciate the benefit of a strong, stable and flexible spine, both for myself and my patients. Working with Rosa has definitely helped me protect my own back whilst helping others with theirs. Her attentive , analytical yet intuitive approach has produced rapid and lasting benefits. I would thoroughly recommend Rosa to my patients for her professional attitude, knowledge base and hugely positive demeanour.”

Philip Hartley B.Ost, B.A.(Hons), Dip APNT. Balham

“Rosa’s Pilates classes really helped to keep me in shape and maintain my core strength throughout my pregnancy, which made getting back into shape afterwards a much easier and quicker process. I highly recommend Rosa’s classes for anyone who wants to improve the way their body looks and feels.”

Nicky Hambleton-Jones

“Just back from one week Pilates retreat in Turkey and I feel like a new woman! Much more toned in stomach, bottom and legs and generally stronger and fitter – all in one week! I arrived feeling achy, unfit and tired and left a week later pain free, slimmer and raring to go – amazing! Rosa’s sessions are challenging, imaginative and never boring – 2 hours just fly by! Rosa somehow manages to get the best out of everyone in the class and is attentive and caring, ensuring everyone achieves their individual fitness goals. Everyone at the retreat is so friendly and accommodation and food were both lovely – thanks to Gul (owner) and lovely Fikret for my cups of tea! I will definitely be back!”

Lynn Gant Pilates teacher and Neuro Physio

“I started training with Rosa in December 2007, and have since continued to train with her. I have seen a considerable difference in my fitness level, stability and body shape. I have lost over 3 inches from my hips and 2.5 from my waist, which has changed my body shape immensely. I have lost more than 10% of my original body fat. I thoroughly enjoy my training with Rosa as it is not only fun and varied but very effective. Continuous coaching on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise from Rosa, has lead to my increased fitness and greater confidence.
I train with Rosa 2 times a week, she is always on time, chirpy and ready for our training session. Rosa pays a lot of attention to my posture, whilst combining Pilates and Personal Training. This has shifted my focus from weight loss to better health, posture and wellbeing.
If you are looking for a trainer that is professional, passionate about what she does and focused on helping you achieve results, then I would highly recommend Rosa. Feel free to contact me should you want to discuss any specifics.”

Shradha Patel, London – UK

“Rosa is an exceptional fitness professional – more than just a fitness trainer she has provided me with advice and coaching on diet, motivation techniques as well as tailored and constantly evolving fitness training. Her background as a medical professional and additional qualification in Pilates has enhanced Rosa’s ability to customize my workouts achieving outstanding results in fitness, weight strength and tone. My job as a management consultant meant I often worked overseas and found it difficult to align this with a healthy eating plan and fitness goals. In March at a weight of 78kg and with a body fat percentage of >40%
I began training with Rosa. By August my weight has dropped to under 60kg and my body fat to 28%.

It has required determination and commitment but that is where Rosa is so exceptional – she is really excellent at managing people through motivation lows and always has new ideas and tips to keep one on track. Rosa is a nice person to be around; moreover, her empathetic and intuitive style ensure that training works for YOU and as a result will become more enjoyable and deliver sustainable results.”

Liz E. – Management Consultant, London – UK

“I cannot recommend 1:1 pilates with Rosa highly enough. Rosa is a very encouraging, inspiring and gentle teacher. Whilst I started pilates a year ago to help with my back problems, I find it has become part of my everyday life with other great benefits of inch loss, improved tone and posture. It is also a great way to unwind after a stressful day. Thank you so much, Rosa.”

Sarah, Battersea

“Since training with Rosa my stomach has changed shape and is starting to rein itself back in. I am holding myself better now and I am losing inches. It’s great when people say to you, “Gosh, you’ve lost weight”. I feel a lot stronger than I have ever felt.”

Sarah Heaney (TV Presenter of Wish You Were Here and Mum Of Two)

“Rosa is an amazing, motivating expert and incredibly patient. Ever since working with her, my back has stopped hurting and I can wear 5-inch heels with impunity! Even after the most stressful day, one hour with Rosa and I am relaxed and calm again. I Recommend her highly.”

Susanna Kempe CEO

“My Physio recommended I try 1:1 Pilates with Rosa for my back pain and core strength. After just one month of weekly sessions with her and some short practice sessions at home, I started to notice changes. My back pain was gradually easing up as my core strengthened. My clothes started feeling looser as a result of the toning and inch loss brought about by the targeted Pilates moves. Besides this very satisfying auxiliary benefit, the breathing with each move slowed me down and helped me to relax, a very useful skill in those early frenetic days of sleepless nights with very young children. I couldn’t have achieved this without Rosa. She is a warm and considerate person and an excellent teacher- precise and challenging with endless patience, she was aways calm, encouraging and good humoured. She was also fabulous with my little daughter who used to sit and play bemusedly while I was trying my best on the mat beside her! Thanks to her, my confidence and energy increased and Pilates has now become part of my weekly routine”.
Thank you Rosa!”

Oonagh Carr, mum of two

“I have 3 young children and I was regularly getting a sore back from all the lifting and carrying, plus my stomach muscles were pretty non-existent! Since attending Pilates with Rosa in Balham every Monday I have noticed a huge difference. I feel so much better, I now have my stomach muscles back and I have not had a single problem with my back for over a year. Rosa is an excellent teacher and I really enjoy the lessons.”

Mandy Leach

“I really enjoyed the pilates retreat, it was very relaxing and a beautiful spot – wonderful to be so close to the lake, and to see the hills from the roof terrace. Two hours of pilates went really quickly, I was very impressed by how Rosa made each morning different, and slightly more challenging each day. I definitely noticed the difference after just a week – my stomach was more or less back to its pre-baby state, and everything felt tighter and leaner, as well as much better posture.”

Louise Downham

“Pilates retreat Turkey – a week of fabulous pilates, from which I feel stronger and more flexible!!! a week of relaxation, meeting new friends, sun, peaceful surroundings, and Gul’s amazing breakfasts, and the most fabulous dinners!!!! Rosa is not only a wonderful teacher but a very caring person!! Gul welcomes you with warmth and you feel as if you’ve known them both for years, and very quickly feel like you have a second home!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!!!!”

Alison Driscoll