1 to 1 pilates & Personal Training

Whether you need to increase your fitness, become stronger and more toned, lose fat or need help with recovering from an injury. PilatesPlusWellness can help you with your individual needs and goals and motivate you so that you achieve sustainable results.

  • PilatesPlusWellness will help you increase your fitness, have a stronger core and reduce lower back pain
  • Improve mobility, flexibility, help you lose fat and develop tone and definition in your muscles
  • Motivate, inspire and teach your lifestyle changes to benefit your health and well being.
  • Integrate coaching to help you get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back or causing destructive patterns, stopping you from getting results

Whatever your preferences, budget or needs, there is something to suit everyone. Whether that be one to one sessions at home or outdoors, or one of the many group classes available.
Morning Pilates classes on Fridays are focused on toning and defining the body and inch loss, using effective Pilates techniques and would complement your fitness regime.

Please Email Rosa to book your space.

Training Techniques and Styles

You will reach your health and fitness goals in a fun, effective and safe way while training with us. Our passion is to help you reach your full potential. We utilise Functional Personal Training techniques (by looking at activities in your daily life that you want to improve) , Pilates, and a healthy diet and mindset to get you there.
You may need a training schedule to help you relax and de-stress. Alternatively, you may want one which works you hard, leading to a feeling of exhilaration. Whatever your training style, we can achieve your goals using a holistic approach which integrates weight and cardiovascular training with Pilates.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, a circuit format of weight training is very effective when interspersed with short bursts of cardiovascular work.
Weight training is the best workout for fat burning capacity. Your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) increases and as a result you burn more calories throughout the day. We utilise this to maximum effect, combining a change in eating habits with a new mindset for great results. We have found 70% of fat loss is down to changes in eating habits and lifestyle.
Cardiovascular interval training also burns calories. We can show you how to do this effectively and safely. We assess your posture while you exercise to make sure the correct muscle groups are being used without any detrimental overcompensation. We look at your movement patterns and work on any muscle imbalances.

Personal Training for Pre/Post Pregnancy

Exercise safely during and after your pregnancy. During your pregnancy we will focus on toning and defining your arms and legs and preparing your body for your birth. This will include a lot of pelvic floor work, strengthening your back muscles, working muscles to help with pelvic stability, posture and alignment. Stretching and mobilising your body. Pilates exercise’s to help prevent lower back pain, whilst helping with relaxation and breathing. Sessions can be home based or on one of the commons or nearby parks.