Pilates With Baby

Why join our Pilates with baby classes?

Having a baby is a very special time in your life and our teachers understand this and want to provide an enjoyable effective class for you where you have your baby with you. Ladies can join anytime after their six-week check and stay with us in this class up to when the baby starts crawling around. Rosa and her team totally understand what it feels like to want to get back in shape after having a baby. It is essential that this is done safely and gradually to allow your body to heal and prevent any injury. We run Mum and baby Pilates and toning classes in Balham Monday’s 11:30am. We also offer small group sessions on the common and home sessions as well.

We do squats and lunges and partner work but we vary things as needed and adapt to each ladies needs. It is good to feel you are working your body again and we have great attention to detail with alignment, technique and posture. Again we use resistance bands to help tone our bodies and strengthen the arms and upper back. We do lots of standing work and posture work.

Pelvic floor work: It is essential to work on the pelvic floor post-baby. We teach pelvic floor work on its own but also combined with other exercises so you maximise the work done. It focuses your mind in class and gives you confidence that you are doing the exercises correctly and effectively.

Diastasis recti: Most new mums will have abdominal separation and we check the degree of separation and make sure the abdominals are closing correctly with time and with the exercises given. We need to reconnect with the abdominals and we give exercises that are gentle in order to do this. We work on our obliques/waist muscles to help the abdominals to close and also work on ribcage closure and keeping stability in our centre to gradually build up strength. No sit up exercises are done until the abdominals are closed sufficiently and we measure this as we go along. It is important not to work the abdominals in a separated state as there is a risk that they will not close back correctly if you do. We make sure we provide safe effective exercises to help you get your body back and feeling strong again.

Mobility and stretching: Post-baby, with the possible breastfeeding and bending forwards or carrying baby, many women experience upper back pain and tightness. We have specific exercises to help with this and stretch out the upper back as well as lower back and ease tension. We also work on mobilising the whole body. You will love the flowing exercises that we have which you do in sync with your breathing, to help calm and relax your body and mind.

Strength: post-baby it is really nice to be able to lay on your front and do some extension exercises to balance out the bending forward we have to do for the baby. This is great to strengthen your back and work on core stability. Improve posture and open up the chest and shoulders.

The needs of your baby during the class: Your baby will either hopefully be asleep in his/her pram or laying on a blanket by you as you exercise. If baby needs feeding or seeing to, you do as you need and join back in when you are ready. Rosa and Jana are great with babies and help whilst teaching as much as possible. We offer alternative exercises as well if you need to do standing exercises due to baby or we include baby in the work out if they want more attention. The class is tailored for mums needs and fitness and the convenience of having a baby with you.

The needs of mum during the class: It is a great class to meet other new mums and very social as well as fun and effective. This class is for “Me Time” for new mums.

Rosa is a specialist in pregnancy and post-pregnancy Pilates with body control Pilates and also a specialist in personal training for pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Jana is also trained in these areas. We offer small group sessions in your home as well if this suits you better.

Many ladies get a group of friends together for Pilates and fitness with baby. Contact Rosa for more details. 

“Rosa’s Pilates classes really helped to keep me in shape and maintain my core strength throughout my pregnancy, which made getting back into shape afterwards a much easier and quicker process. I highly recommend Rosa’s classes for anyone who wants to improve the way their body looks and feels.”

Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Mum Enjoying Pilates With Baby Time.