Terms & Conditions

Please before joining any class or session, let us know of any health issues or problems that we need to know of before teaching you. We can best assist you during the sessions and make sure we provide safe, effective exercises for you. If you are pregnant and attending a normal class please do inform us via email so we can adapt exercises for you. If you have been attending our classes and find out your pregnant, you are most welcome to continue in the class as it is part of your usual routine. We wouldn’t recommend joining us if you are pregnant and haven’t done Pilates before until you have had your first scan.

Group Classes:

Group Classes are scheduled and purchased on a “term” basis, meaning that you book a particular class (i.e., Monday 930am) for the entire term, which is usually 12-14 weeks duration. If you would like to attend two or more times per week, you need to book into multiple classes in the same way.

We do offer a “makeup system” which allows you an opportunity to cancel out of your regularly booked class and book into a “makeup class” if you know in advance that you will be absent. This makeup system is subject to 24 hours minimum early cancel on the online booking system.

All makeup classes must be taken within the same term; they cannot be carried over to holiday periods or future terms or exchanged for private lessons. One exception to this is for Pregnancy Pilates clients and if your due date is before the course ends. You can carry over sessions to mum and baby classes or post-pregnancy Pilates in this instance. Also if for medical reasons you can not continue, simply provide us with a DR note and we can carry the sessions over for you.

Makeups can be arranged in advance; for example, if you know you are missing a week in February, you can cancel out of that week and complete your makeups in January.

Makeup classes are offered on a space-available basis. We can only offer classes to make up sessions that have space available.

If you are not able to arrange all makeup classes before the end of the term, regardless of reason, they will expire. The responsibility of arranging and attending the makeup classes rests solely with the client.

Please note that if less than 24 hours notice is given, a makeup class cannot be offered. The only exception to this rule is if we can fill your space with someone from the waitlist at short notice.

The makeup system also works during the holiday periods, under the same terms above. So missed classes during the Easter or Summer Holiday period must be made up during the same Easter or Summer holiday period, and cannot be carried over to the following term.

1:1 Home sessions and small group classes

All 1:1 lessons must be cancelled with a minimum of 24-hours notice; otherwise, the private lesson will be payable in full. Our teachers obviously have to make arrangements with their schedule and often have other clients they could have seen so this is why we need the notice. Sometimes under extreme circumstance, we would waiver this but this would be under the discretion of the teacher.

No refunds policy

We have a no-refunds policy but have flexibility with being able to swap and make up sessions in our courses.

Consumer data privacy Policy

All personal information you provide us with is kept in the strictest of confidence and we do not share our database with any 3rd parties.