Pilates For Children

Pilates for children is very structured and designed for each age group to help Children grow in every way. Rosa has trained specifically to teach Children Pilates and movement as well as help them in so many other ways. Our classes for Children will work on fun fitness including skipping jumping, hopping speed and balance as well as specific Pilates fundamentals such as Control, Mobility Alignment, breathing, stamina Balance and mind body connection.

We use music, scarves and balls in our classes to add fun and imagination to our classes for the children.

Rosa runs classes at after school clubs and also is available to teach during school time. Please do get in touch if you would like to book a trial session for your school or if you have a group of children interested.

If you want Pilates for Children at your school or home please get in touch rosa@pilatespluswellness.com

Pilates For Children

Children's Pilates Classes

5-7 yr age group. Classes are more based on Story Time – Structured Story such as a Magical Travelling Rainbow. We have a structured class where we incorporate fun and fitness and Pilates moves as we go through the story we create. Sparking the children’s imagination, keeping them engaged and focused and keeping them moving through out the full 40 min session. They have a relaxation session at the end of the class and connection exercise. So leaving the session feeling like they have had fun and feeling confident. At the same time feeling grounded and calm at the end of the session.

7-9 yr age group. Classes are Theme based – Pilates Playtime. More time is spent in the main phase of the structured exercise. We choose a theme and relate each Pilates exercise to that theme. Partner work is encouraged to help children work together physically and together through out the session.
Rhythmical work is introduced at this stage to encourage musicality and enhance coordination. We include games and fitness in the class too for a fully engaged fun filled class. Relaxation is at the end of each class to encourage body awareness and breathing.

9-11 yr age group. Pilates Time Classes at this age will be structured with fitness and functional training and classical Pilates. We will use props like Pilates balls and bands to make the class fun and flowing. Lots of description will be used to challenge the children and help keep them engaged. Pilates focus is body awareness, alignment and posture, breathing and coordination. We do partner work and structure the class as we do for adults with focus phase, preparation phase, main phase, partner work and closing phase. The class duration is 50-60 mins.

Pilates for children – 12-16yr olds.

12-16 yr age group. These classes can build up more challenging exercises, incorporating complex, choreographed movements, challenging coordination, transference of weight and balance. We have dynamic locomotion phases of fitness in this class with lunge jumping sequences that the children will find fun and challenging. Improving their fitness. The pace of the class is fairly fast to keep the children engaged and focused.

Client Testimonials

Andy, Wandsworth Common

In November 2019, I started one to one Pilates sessions with Rosa as part of my rehabilitation after a cycle v lorry accident (I was on the bike). I could not walk very well at the time, got dizzy frequently and had trouble even getting down to the floor. The sessions have helped me enormously. Rosa is patient, experienced and works around what I cannot physically do because of my injuries. I have made real progress and have an online session every week. My balance and co-ordination now
mean I only occasionally slip off the foam roller!

Sarah, Clapham

Incredibly, it has been 10 years since I started 1:1 Pilates with Rosa.   It so motivating to have a weekly 1:1 to keep me on track and to learn new exercises to do by myself regularly in between our Pilates sessions.   Rosa is a delightful, very encouraging and patient teacher.  With the pandemic and Rosa’s move from London, we have been able to successfully carry on my lessons via zoom.   There are so many benefits from doing Pilates not least a huge improvement in strength and tone.   I can honestly say that it has made an enormous difference to my life.  I cannot recommend Rosa highly enough.

Emma, Balham

I've been practising Pilates with Rosa for seven years through my two pregnancies and other big life events. Her knowledge and methods have been invaluable to me. Her gentle adaptions and calm delivery are so relaxing. The classes keep my aches and pains away too. Even though she has moved out of Central London now we are still able to keep training on zoom. She is a very special teacher. 

Dr Emma Burniston

I have been to many Pilates classes over the past 5 yrs, Rosa’s classes are the best! as a Chiropractor I know how easy it is to cause injury due to incorrect technique. Rosa’s knowledge is exceptional, she is very experienced and I feel very comfortable recommending her to all patients www.northcotechiropractic.co.uk

Lynn Gant

Rosa’s sessions are challenging, imaginative and never boring – 2 hours just fly by! Rosa somehow manages to get the best out of everyone in the class and is attentive and caring, ensuring everyone achieves their individual fitness goals.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Rosa’s Pilates classes really helped to keep me in shape and maintain my core strength throughout my pregnancy, which made getting back into shape afterwards a much easier and quicker process. I highly recommend Rosa’s classes for anyone who wants to improve the way their body looks and feels.

Philip Hartley B.Ost, B.A.(Hons), Dip APNT

As an Osteopath working in a busy practice I fully appreciate the benefit of a strong, stable and flexible spine. Working with Rosa has definitely helped me protect my own back whilst helping others with theirs. Her attentive, intuitive approach has produced rapid and lasting benefits. I would thoroughly recommend Rosa to my patients for her professional attitude, knowledge base and hugely positive demeanour.