Give Yourself A Gift of Health and Wellness

Pilates sessions face to face can start from 12th April in your homes or outdoors and we can run Pilates in halls at Telford Avenue and in Weybridge from 17th May.

Live Zoom Pilates 1:1 and group classes are ongoing.

Contact Rosa for more details or book online via our booking system.

Pilates in Weybridge, Pilates Classes For All Abilities

Our Pilates classes are held in Weybridge (at the moment via Zoom) and Streatham Hill, SW2 (in person). Rosa has clients of all ages, ranging from their early 20s to early 80s, and all have seen a great difference in their shape and movement since combining pilates classes with their weight training regime. They are also able to relax and concentrate a lot more effectively.

We cover Pilates in Weybridge and Streatham Hill

We are expanding: Our classes now include pilates in Weybridge as well as London. Please follow us @pilatespluswellnessweybridge for updates on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

“As an Osteopath working in a busy practice I fully appreciate the benefit of a strong, stable and flexible spine, both for myself and my patients. Working with Rosa has definitely helped me protect my own back whilst helping others with theirs. Her attentive, analytical yet intuitive approach has produced rapid and lasting benefits. I would thoroughly recommend Rosa to my patients for her professional attitude, knowledge base and hugely positive demeanour.”

Philip Hartley B.Ost, B.A.(Hons), Dip APNT. Balham

“Rosa’s Pilates classes really helped to keep me in shape and maintain my core strength throughout my pregnancy, which made getting back into shape afterwards a much easier and quicker process. I highly recommend Rosa’s classes for anyone who wants to improve the way their body looks and feels.”

Nicky Hambleton-Jones

“Just back from one week Pilates retreat in Turkey and I feel like a new woman! Much more toned in stomach, bottom and legs and generally stronger and fitter – all in one week! I arrived feeling achy, unfit and tired and left a week later pain free, slimmer and raring to go – amazing! Rosa’s sessions are challenging, imaginative and never boring – 2 hours just fly by! Rosa somehow manages to get the best out of everyone in the class and is attentive and caring, ensuring everyone achieves their individual fitness goals. Everyone at the retreat is so friendly and accommodation and food were both lovely – thanks to Gul (owner) and lovely Fikret for my cups of tea! I will definitely be back!”

Lynn Gant Pilates teacher and Neuro Physio.

“I have been to many Pilates classes over the past 5 yrs, Rosa’s classes are the best! as a Chiropractor I know how easy it is to cause injury due to incorrect technique. Rosa’s knowledge is exceptional, she is very experienced and I feel very comfortable recommending her to all patients”

Dr Emma Burniston