Boutique Studio Reformer / Tower Pilates

Brooklands - Weybridge, Surrey

Rosa has a Boutique Pilates studio with its own entrance in her home based in Brooklands - Weybridge. She Provides 1:1 and 2:1 Reformer and Tower Pilates and also Mat Pilates if you prefer.

Whether you want to overcome an injury, have some calming "me time " and focus on yourself or want to get fitter and stronger, Rosa will help you get results what ever your goal.

Rosa has 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer and she has 19 years experience as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates and she also helps train teachers as well. Rosa also has previous medical background as a Neuro Radiographer and other areas in Radiography over the years which has given her excellent knowledge of various conditions.

Introductory Discount

Rosa offers an introductory 20% discount on your first block booking of 5 or 10 sessions for 1:1 or 2:1 Reformer/Tower Pilates. Instead of £70 per hour, the cost is £56 per hour. This is amazing value, coupled with fantastic teaching and experience.

Rosa set up her home studio to work flexibly around her children's schedules, whether they're at school or at home. She accommodates her work to fit seamlessly into her home life. Rosa sees a variety of clients, including couples, mothers and daughters, friends, and individuals. Her sessions cater to both men and women of all ages, from 8 to over 90 years old. Rosa has assisted with numerous conditions and post-surgery recovery, such as:

Vestibular Issues and Balance

Post Hip Replacement

Post Pregnancy


As well as Pilates for children various conditions and improving posture, and Pilates to help you simply feel fit and strong. We have the jump board and weights so we can increase fitness as well.

What Is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a Pilates machine where you do Pilates exercises that has safely and effectively offer assistance and resistance. We work on flexibility and strength. The reformer gives you feedback that you might not have on the mat so identifies and addresses any muscle imbalances and poor biomechanics. On the Reformer we can also help your body awareness and pro proprioception. It provides so much variety and fun challenges that you will really enjoy and feel amazing having achieved.

What Is Tower Pilates?

The Tower is an apparatus that is attached to the Reformer, but offers a more stable surface to work from. Clients can sit, stand or lie down on the mat and work with resistance from the springs that are attached to the Tower to help build strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. Clients love the combination of Tower and reformer that Rosa offers as there are amazing stretches that you can get using the Tower and it feels so nice to move fluidly with this piece of equipment. Rosa Provides both so you have so much variety and can feel the benefits of both. No session she provides will be the same, although you will learn progressively various moves and feel improvements and results.

Book Your Introductory Discount Session

To book your discount Reformer / Tower Pilates session with Rosa, call 07879 637733 or fill in the contact form below for information on her availability. Rosa provides Daytime, Evening and Saturday morning sessions.

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