Tuesday 6pm Healthy Backs – 11 week Spring Term – St Thomas Church hall.

Beginners / Improvers Pilates

Course Location

St. Thomas Church Hall

Healthy Backs Pilates Spring Term 11 week course 9th January – 26th March. £143 . St Thomas Church Hall – Telford Avenue. No class runs over half term 13th Feb. Healthy Backs Pilates is a class that is great if you have had an injury or have back pain but also great for all of us to mobilise and strengthen our backs. The difference between this class and a general Pilates class is that we do slow steady movements and stability and we have a structure so we can assess the improvement at the end of the term. We set goals and a 10 min routine for you to do daily and this is great for everyone but especially if you have any back issues.

Pelvic Stability we work on and challenge, spinal mobility and lovely stretches which feel amazing for everyone. Core stability so lots of core work and also back extension is really important in rehabilitation and preventing back pain. We are bent forwards a lot during the day so we need to counter that with correct movement and body awareness. We will also work on balance and posture so standing moves that challenge this. Strengthening Glutes and hips and legs so we can move in the best way possible which in turn really helps our backs. Come join us! Everyone will benefit from this class.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • St. Thomas Church Hall
  • Telford Avenue
  • London
  • SW2 4XW

Course Schedule

  • January 9, 2024 6:00 pm   -   7:00 pm
  • March 26, 2024 6:00 pm   -   7:00 pm