It is great to go to a Pilates class at lunch times or after work but what if you are so busy and don’t get a lunch break or time after work thats free due to family commitments or other commitments? Chair Pilates could be the answer!

We have these exercises for you that you can do in your chair in your office.

If you share an office you can be a good example to help others and perhaps do it with you  If you don’t mobilise your spine and get up from your desk regularly your spine and back will get tighter and the result can be back pain.

Also, posture at your desk and good alignment is so important. If due to work you have a desk job these exercises are great to just keep you mobile and pain free. Its so important to have some go to exercises to ease back tension. We are as young as our spines so they say so lets all feel younger and make sure we have time to mobilise your back and breath. It is restorative, effective and will help you work more productively.

A very good reason to watch our Chair Pilates video with a few demo exercises for you.

If you do get a chance to come to our classes after work or during the day that is even better but its about doing what you can and we want to help you with that.

Please share with your friends and co workers and help us, help you. We also have other videos on our Youtube channel pilatespluswellnesslondon so please follow us for helpful videos and tips. You can also find us on google Pilates plus wellness.

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