After having a baby, many ladies have shared with me that they don’t know what exercise is safe for them and whats best to avoid immediately after having a baby.

This is a very good reason why its great to join a post pregnancy class whether its Pilates or general fitness, but also

  • It makes you feel energised and good in your body.
  • Its exercise that works on the areas that are needed in a safe effective way.
  • Its a social activity where you meet other mums and feel motivated with them.
  • When you do exercise as a group, it holds a certain amount of accountability and its this that helps you to actually do the exercise.

There is so much else to be doing when you have a new baby so you have to make time to exercise for you, it is really important for your health and wellbeing.

We also encounter many postural changes and positions that we are not used to with breast feeding or simply non-stop bending over to put the baby in the pram or simply holding the baby over one hip. Pilates is fantastic to ease those aches and pains and stretch out your whole body. The flowing movement and mobility you get in a class is relaxing and energising at the same time.

What’s really important is that you attend the right class that has exercises tailored to your individual needs. Post baby, we all have various levels of recovery depending on the type of birth we had. Whether you exercised previously, as well as taking into account any injuries or imbalances in the body that need addressing.

As an example, if you have diastasis recti which many ladies do have, we need to make sure you do not do any sit up type exercises until the abdominals have had the opportunity to close. The last thing you should do is strengthen your abdominals in a separated state as they may not close together again in this instance. However, with focused exercises done slowly and with a skilled teacher to make sure you are recruiting the correct muscles by being hands on, we can help you get your body back to how you want it to be and feeling strong and fit.

Pelvic floor work is essential post baby as many of us know. It’s good to go to a class where you have focused work done and this will give you the structure and confidence to to do the exercises at home. When you feel the improvement over the weeks it will really motivate and reassure you that all is coming back to normal post baby.

In our Monday class we understand that you want to feel like you have had a work out as well. So we work hard on our legs, hips and arms and shoulders and upper back. You will also get a cardio work out from the low impact exercises that we do, along with plenty of stretching and mobility exercises. And of course pelvic floor, core work and relaxation are a given from our classes.

Take a look at the video below so you can see some examples of what we cover. Come join us Balham Library, Mondays 11:30am for our Pilates with baby classes.

Please remember as well that we also come to clients homes and are happy to provide NCT or group sessions so feel free to get in touch.

Rosa teaches the Monday classes. She has had two babies herself. She is a specialist pregnancy and post pregnancy Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates.

Rosa also has a medical background previously working as a neuro radiographer and general Radiographer, so draws from her experience to provide safe effective exercises for her clients.

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