I hope you are all well and safe and staying home to save lives during this Corona Virus outbreak Pandemic. It is quite a challenge I know but one worth doing to the max.

We all need our coping mechanisms, however. I have just shared two exercises I do which are really calming and relaxing and you can do them at any time. I find having a few tools to stop you being reactive in a situation at home that would spark arguments, or if you have been working and homeschooling and having demands placed on you all day, which are relentless, it’s sometimes hard not to just snap.

This is why I have shared these simple but effective tools/exercises. It’s very simple and obvious to do the breathing, but how many of us do this instead of snapping and being reactive?

The first step is recognising in yourself that you are about to be reactive and then you are more self-aware and more able to deal with a situation in a calm way. This really helps us all when we are in a confined space together and also all just doing our best, its a really rare unique time that none of us has experienced before. Just remember every moment will pass whether it is good or bad so it helps us to know this will eventually pass.

Until then, I hope these tips help. We also have exercise routines on Youtube with 35 videos to choose from to help keep you mobile and fit. We have TV videos on Instagram as well as free live Pyjama Pilates you can do daily 6:30 am Monday – Friday.

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Keep well and safe.

We may not be able to see you all in person face to face at present but are doing Zoom classes live running to the usual timetable – summer term. If you would like to book and join us for the summer term you can book using the link below. You can swap sessions and do make-up sessions within the term. Early bird discount is extended ongoing for the summer term and drop-in sessions are reduced to just £11.40/hr.

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