Over Christmas sometimes it’s hard to fit in exercise with all the socializing and kids activities not to mention the eating and drinking right!! Well these ideas will keep you on track as well as prevent any unwanted pounds put on over Christmas.

As a Personal Trainer, Pilates teacher and mum I follow this advise myself and it works really well.

  • Remember 70% of weight gain or loss is down to diet. Eat what ever you like over Christmas but just have a little of what you like. Portion size is key to not gaining unwanted weight. You can eat cheese, nuts chocolates but instead of a whole box if you don’t want to gain too much weight, just have one really nice chocolate or two a day or a few nuts. Its not rocket science but it works. I eat what ever I like on a daily basis but keep portion size small.
  • Don’t deny yourself any foods at any time. If you do, you just crave it more and it’s a battle to not have it. Take that pressure away and then the portion control is easier to achieve.
  • Stay active over Christmas by simply going for a brisk walk if you can or go for a jog/run. It makes you feel so much better. I admit on a hangover, it is sometimes kill or cure?? If you don’t have to get up for work over Christmas period and can have down time with the kids, what do you have to lose? Unwanted calories perhaps!
  • Full body movements burn the most calories so any weight routine, make sure you are using your whole body. You can superset multi plan lunges with arm series and weights. 3 sets of 12 repetitions.   Do Core Pilates routine in between the lunge routine.  Or mix core Pilates routine with a minute fast cardio routine. This is what we do in our Pilates Plus Fitness classes. If you are interested further in these for the new year please let me know. We are setting pilates in Streatham up on Tuesday’s at 09:30am St Thomas Church Hall Telford avenue.
  • Sometimes when you are with friends and family over Christmas as lovely as it is, you feel you need some “Me Time” I have many videos on my website 10/15 min flowing routine for you to do on our  YouTube Pilatespluswellness channel so you can either stretch out and take some deep breathes or get your fitness in. Check those out. I will be doing a video without kids when I get a moment.
  • When having any meats just cut off the fat.
  • Champagne is a good low calorie option compared to mixers and liquors. Not sure about you, but I find bubbles go to your head quicker and yes you feel the effects quicker. This hopefully means you drink less and therefore consume less calories??? It might not, but a good approach to have if you like to drink!
  • I won’t recommend low calorie drinks and low calorie sauces as they have so many substances in them that are not great for you at all. Low fat often is substituted with more sugar etc. I am the lightest I have ever been simply from portion control. Calories in vs calories out. If you have a medical condition it is more complex than this, but generally speaking it does boil down to this. Have more vegetables and less potatoes. Have more fruit than ice cream.

Here’s a quick routine that you can do in all the Christmas Chaos – enjoy!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAki8Drmdy4″ width=”500″ height=”640″]

These are all common sense suggestions that we all know. It is a choice and decision –These are just points to remind you if you want to be conscious not to gain extra weight over Christmas. Its up to you!  Just know that healthy choices don’t need to feel like a deprivation if you do the points above. It will be equally as much fun and you will feel fantastic before, during and after Christmas.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and have lots of fun. xxx

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