I have started up Healthy backs classes for a while now and the reason for this is for clients to focus on maintaining a healthy back as well as if you need to have injury rehabilitation. So this class is great if you have had any sort of disc issue, but also great if you have had no injury but just feel that your back is tight from perhaps sitting at a desk all day or running around after children and having to twist and turn in positions you wouldn’t normally. Perhaps you are a new mum breast feeding and carrying baby a lot. Everyone can benefit from the healthy backs Pilates class what ever your age or gender.

We focus on good alignment, posture, strengthening your back with progressive back extension exercises as well as flexion for mobility. We work on stability and strength in our hips and pelvis so these muscles can do their job correctly and the lower back doesn’t have to compensate and pain can then be felt. We will work also on core strength so you will feel more toned and strong in your abs as well as your back. 

The best thing to reduce back pain which is caused from previous injury or muscle tightness is mobility so these classes will provide exercises that you take away with you and hopefully do daily as your tool to make sure you are pain free ongoing. As well as this, coming to the class and doing the breathing with the concentration thats needed, will help you relax and calm your mind. So its a great De stress as well. The last benefit to mention is flexibility. You will find you will become more flexible from this class as we do dynamic stretches which will help your whole body. 

The healthy backs class can have beginners to advanced clients attending. The exercises are simple and effective but with flowing movement which feels amazing.

We are setting up our new Wednesday 7pm pilates class in Clapham South – 60 Hambalt Road sw4 ( just off Abbeville Road) Please do get in touch if you are interested in this class.

We also have our Thursday 1130am Balham Healthy backs class running ongoing at Balham library.

The Youtube video below is a example of the exercises we do in our Healthy backs class. We hope you can join us.