I thought I would do this video on exercises to help ease neck tension and prevent it. During lockdown many people working at home might not have the ideal desk ergonomics, so tension might be developing more in the neck and upper shoulders. It is essential to make sure your eyes are level with the top of your screen, shoulders relaxed, your desk at armrest height, feet supported and hips and knees roughly at a 90-degree angle. If any of these are compromised tension will build in the spine and the only way for tension to go is up, ending in neck pain. So make sure your computer and desk set up are as comfortable as possible.

Pilates can also help by keeping your body moving. During the lockdown, some people might not be moving as much due to no commute to work or just generally being less mobile. So it’s important to make sure you incorporate mobility and some Pilates as part of your day. To make that very easy for you, I have included this Youtube video with neck stretches and also exercises to help mobilise your spine and neck to make sure you stay pain-free and tension free.

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