Happy new year everyone!

Many of us have the intentions to hit the gym and blitz the fitness in January or attend their Pilates Classes and others which is all great. So, why is it that after January you see that influx of activity suddenly drop?

Here are some tips to make sure you are not the one to drop out.

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  • Make sure what ever class you join or whatever activity you do, that you really enjoy it or there is a need for it.
    You are more likely to stick to a new years fitness regime if you love it. Make it your way of life and build it into your daily life. You are more likely to stick to something that you enjoy or simply need. Some clients come to Pilates for many reasons such as toning their body and stretching out. Or simply because it reduces back pain or aches and pains. The majority that come, love the relaxation element of Pilates where you have to focus on you and how you move, developing your body awareness and concentration. It is relaxing when you focus your mind on your body, as you can’t really think of anything else.
  • Are you a Carrot type or Stick type for motivation. Does it motivate you when you get encouragement and see results and positive reinforcement or does it motivate you by thinking if you don’t do something you get pain or feel not very toned and not very fit?
    Think about it? Whats your core motivation(no pun intended!) I am more of a stick type I have to say. If I don’t do Pilates I feel pain in my back and seized up and this motivates me to definitely do it daily and its my way of life now. Everything else Pilates gives me is a fantastic bonus and I love feeling slim and toned but the essential thing that keeps me doing Pilates is not wanting pain. By understanding and thinking what exercise offers you and also what motivates you, helps clarify why you will keep doing it and stick with it(no Pun intended again!)
  • Many clients that have come to my classes for years, have the class as their social thing for the morning or day. It is a great motivator to do a class with a friend or meet new friends at classes. When you show up for the class, seeing your friend there makes it more fun doing the class together but it also makes you accountable to show up!
    Life gets in the way sometimes and we easily get busy or find chores etc. to do that take the space of our special fitness and health time. Coming to a class with a friend makes you accountable to each other to show up. So whether you are joining one of my classes or a fitness regime, doing it with friends will help you get results as you will be more committed. Its also nice to have coffee or lunch with a friend after if you are lucky enough to have that spare time.
  • I run Pilates classes as courses because I think it helps clients stay motivated (as well as helping me run things). It makes you more committed when you join a course as you pay upfront and want to make sure you get your monies worth if nothing else. Or by having the routine it makes sure you schedule that time for your hour of Pilates or fitness. I provide flexibility with the schedule as sometimes work etc will get in the way so having options to make up a class and swap keeps you motivated so you feel results still from doing your session each week. Otherwise, it can be demoralising if this time isn’t scheduled in, as guaranteed, life gets busy and we need to manage our time. If you don’t and let other things become more important than your health and fitness you don’t see results and then don’t feel as motivated to carry on. Without structure and time management fitness goals might not be achieved. This is why many gym members suddenly drop after January.
  • What gets results is consistency and persistence. Whether its Pilates or any fitness –  I recommend as well as your class (or classes) or if doing fitness at home, set yourself 15 Min’s a day routine and do it without fail. if that’s easy you can always add more. Make it your habit and it becomes easy to stick to…and more importantly its a realistic goal for everyone.
  • Lastly, what ever you do, whether its personal training or Pilates or yoga. You have to have a teacher that provides classes that challenge you in different ways but also that you like. There has to be a connection between you and your teacher. Personable is really important as you have to look forward to coming to the class and having that teacher weekly. Its such a personal thing and we all connect differently and like different people and different approaches. I totally get this, and am really happy to have girls that are very personable as well as very well trained. Hopefully having more choice in teachers helps you feel more motivated and having the option to choose a different teacher or class to what you most enjoy. This helps you stick to your fitness regime too.


So to summarise,

  1. Enjoy the activity you choose,
  2. know your motivation (carrot or stick personality type),
  3. friends make you accountable so come to class with a friend or make friends at class. This helps with commitment.
  4. Schedule your time or book a class – time management helps you stick to something.
  5. Persistence pays so make your goals realistic. set shorter work out times daily (15 Min’s rather than 1 hour work outs that you will give up on)
  6. Make sure you have a good connection with your personal trainer or teacher. If you like them and feel motivated by them you will want to keep going.

The above is quite obvious but its good to be pointed out as sometimes we miss the obvious

I hope to see some of you in class and hope you enjoy the classes. I strive to motivate and get results for you the best I can. I will do some more YouTube clips soon so you can use these at home between classes so you get your 15 minute daily routine in.

Happy New year. xx

P.S – Its not too late to start.. here’s a reminder of our class locations and schedule – hope one is near to you!

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