We run many mixed ability Pilates classes as we continuously explain the basics that you need in class and then demonstrate more advanced moves in class so it is your choice what level and pace you go at during the class.   Pilates is a great compliment to other fitness and health regimes you might have and most importantly will help you hopefully stay injury free.

Who is Pilates for?

Pilates is for everyone of all ages and for both men and women. Whether you want to reduce the risk of injury, relax your mind and improve concentration, compliment a fitness regime or simply tone your body and improve posture. The core exercises we do in class will give you that definition in your abdominals and waist that you want, (as long as this is combined with a balanced diet). Many clients find they lose inches from their waist and hips as we are working muscles but also lengthening them.

When I first started doing Pilates regularly I found my whole body shape changed. I looked leaner and lost inches and dropped a dress size easily. I found it amazing as didn’t expect that result. I also had no pain in my back anymore and felt my body awareness, balance  and posture improved. I am passionate about sharing this with others and helping them see the benefits as well. In our Mixed ability Pilates classes we do many exercises that will challenge you in a great way and you will build strength gradually and feel really confident and motivated by what you can achieve as the weeks go on.  We do drop in sessions if you wanted to try a class first before committing to a course.

Our Mixed ability Pilates classes are

Tuesdays 8:00pm Balham Library
Wednesdays 8:00pm The Contact Center 60 Hambalt Road
Thursdays 7:30pm at St Thomas Church Hall Telford Avenue and
Fridays 1:00pm at St Thomas Church Hall Telford Avenue

Do some research

Check out some of the videos I have on my website so you can get an idea of the exercises that we do. The classes are always tailored to who is in the class and you get the individual attention you need. I am personally a Body Control Pilates teacher and I have Jana and Cat that are Stott trained. I have 12 years experience and the girls have years of experience in teaching combined with dancing and gym so you will get a flowing class that you will love and will be challenging and varied each week but structured in a way that you can feel and see your progression.

15 minutes Pilates routine steady flow.

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We look forward to seeing you. Please share with friends who may want to know what our classes are about and would like to try  or you can book online here

Thank you for reading. x

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