Seeing as we only have our Tuesday evening Pilates courses running over summer holidays I have put on YouTube this simple 20 minute full body routine for you to do daily.

So our August challenge is to do this routine daily!

Often people say they do not have the time to do Pilates or their exercise when with the kids or during the holiday period. Or on holiday. You can give yourself 20 minutes a day and when you see the results of just 20 minutes of daily Pilates you will definitely want to make it your routine. So please share and maybe do the challenge with a friend as often when you set a challenge with a friend you are more likely to do it.

So Pilates stretches out your body, mobilises your body. Eases any aches and pains, tones your muscles, strengthens your core and helps with back ache.

I look forward to teaching our Autumn term starting 4th September.

We are running new classes –

Wednesday 7pm Healthy backs Pilates in Clapham at the Contact Centre
Thursdays 6:30pm Pregnancy Pilates St Thomas Church Hall Telford Avenue Streatham Hill.

We will see you all very soon.

Until then feel free to follow our u tube channel for free videos and helpful Pilates routines and tips.

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