Summertime workouts. What is your motivation to do the exercise routine you do?

Workouts should be fun and slot into your life otherwise they simply don’t happen! 20 minutes a day doing focused dynamic exercise is more effective than doing an hour work out once a week. A 3 times a week workout you will really see results in. Whether that’s swimming, weights, Pilates, running or brisk walking.

It’s what you love the most that you should do as this is what you will feel motivated to do and also stick at. There is no point in doing exercise that you don’t love.

Or is there?

  • So why do some People exercise if they don’t love it? What motivates them? Often we are results-driven or fear drives us to do exercise.
  • Does the thought and result of being leaner and stronger motivate you more?
  • Or is it when you look at your body and don’t see ideally what you want to, that motivates you to do more?
  • Or having pain that motivates you?

Are you a carrot person ie driven by positive results and aiming for goals and motivation or are you a stick type person i.e. driven by the pain of what you might feel or have if you don’t exercise. It’s useful and interesting to work out what motivates you to exercise, as you can use this to help you keep exercising and I certainly use that information with my clients to make sure they keep exercising.

Some People might not love Pilates but they love the fact that it stops their back pain, so they are more ‘stick types’ and going to stop the pain. Others, on the other hand, are driven by the thoughts and results of feeling stronger and slimmer and are greatly motivated and love Pilates for this.

So it helps to know what motivates you to do to exercise. Why, because if you know why you are exercising it gives purpose and when you have a purpose you stick to something. This helps motivation. For me, Pilates is a way of life and habit now. I love it as it gives me headspace, relaxation, I feel toned and fitter and I feel challenged and stimulated in my creativity to create more exercises for clients and share.

I have created a little fitness and Pilates legs and arms work out for you all and I hope this helps your motivation to exercise. We might all be needing to do more exercise at home at the moment with the Corona Virus spreading so here is a little start to keep you fit and strong and to give you some motivation to get moving even if you are stuck indoors

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