Pilates for beginners, please watch the video before joining a class

Many clients might join a Pilates class as they have heard good things about it and are interested in what Pilates has to offer.

Well, it always makes you feel more confident when you know the basics and know you are doing these correctly, so I devised this video to go over the basics for you. Normally, ideally, we do a 1:1 session to go through these, but not everyone can always commit to this . So in this video we go over neutral pelvis and spine. What muscles we are working and why. We also show in the video how we build the exercises.

There are only a few shown but done in detail to help you understand Body Control Pilates style. Europes leading Pilates teaching school.

So the basics are like a foundation that you need and once you have that, we build on the moves making them more challenging once you have the basics and built the strength for this.

One tip I would give all beginners is not to get too concerned with the breathing, focus on getting the movement right and then add the breathing. Its too much to think about for many if you try and get everything all at once.

In our pilates for beginners class we talk you through everything as we go along, and adapt exercises and watch everyone and cue you based on what we are seeing. As Pilates teachers we focus on your Alignment, Breathing and also your Centering(core stability and strength work). We then add the flowing stretches and movement and build on things as we go along. There are many variations of exercises which we do weekly and no class is ever the same. We make sure we add variety and do whats needed on the day dependent on how our clients feel. So we tailor our classes to our clients as much as we can. If you would like to join one of our classes please feel free to get in touch. rosa@pilatespluswellness.com

We have our 6 week part course starting 24th Feb with new classes starting Wednesday mornings 09:30am Mixed ability pilates in balham and
10:30am beginner/improver pilates with our lovely teacher Cat Lane

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